MILAN, DECEMBER 6th and 7th 2024


The International CAI Academy celebrates its 20th year with a dedicated event in Milan next December. All active members will be invited to join us for an exclusive Scientific Meeting. Details coming soon!


Dear friends, colleagues and CAI Academy members,
I’m deeply honoured to welcome you all on our website, announcing the beginning of my two years of Presidency of our prestigious CAI Academy. I’m proud to say that being elected President of this pioneering institution has been a sign of recognition that I’m truly thankful for.

This year it is the CAI Academy anniversary: 20 years of challenges, innovation, spirit of the future with knowledge of the past. Now, in our present, we must dare to invent, to be provocative and never stop researching for new solutions and new adventures in our profession. Dentistry has radically changed in the past two decades, so much so that we hardly can think of the times in which we used to work in oral surgery without computers or other technological aid.

The CAI Academy was founded when some brilliant minds read in advance what was coming, seeing what future was about to bring: a never ending source of tools for a constant development of implantology with updated computers, softwares and evolving devices that allow us to plan, predict, implement and finalise projects once not even imaginable.

After twenty years of evolution and growth, we can certainly state that our path is still long: we are entering the A.I. era, and it will be our ultimate goal to find the strength to embrace the novelty without being overwhelmed by it. Artificial Intelligence must be a plus for those who previously worked without it, not a new boss with no soul and humanity. We should always remember that everything the A.I. knows, it comes from our very real and human Intelligence.

I’ve seen many of you, my dear colleagues, try new solutions and find new ways to make our profession more and more functional, effective and – last, but not least – aesthetically satisfying and long lasting.

Our founders understood that there was work to be done and new perspectives in the days to come. Now it is our duty, and for sure our purpose, to carry on their vision and build tomorrow step by step, looking for innovation and using everything technology can provide us to improve our performances. But always keeping in mind that the best digital planning, therefore the best computer aided implantology, needs our curious, inquisitive doctors, hard workers as well as visionary thinkers.

CAI Academy was founded when Computer Aided Implantlogy was static, then it became dynamic. We are already dealing with robotics and A.I. is entering our world with increasing power, so we have to keep the pace and explore new frontiers with an open mind and the strength of our culture. Two are the aspects that are revolutionary in our field: the Cad Cam planning of 3D printed prosthesis and the A.I. getting inside the new softwares. Our primary challenge is to stay put and show that our work is still necessary, even more. That the “human touch” is not replaceable by a machine, no matter how sophisticated.

Surgery has to walk side by side with technology, not simply follow it on roads we never walked before, but building new, innovative routes, methods, protocols to optimise the results and give our patients the smiles they deserve and dream of.

In the next two years as President, with the help of all the members of the CAI Academy, I will try to find new incentives to encourage our medical excellences to improve their dedication and commitment to our cause, starting from a brand new program of courses, in person and online, post-graduate masters supported by the important universities many of us work in, webinars and clinical symposiums with the protagonists of our field of interests.

The aim of these two-year period will be also to give new energy to the Academy, involving the most vivid young minds we can find among our students and residents and bringing them to discover our exclusive, but not omitting Academy. The new generations will bring in ideas, digital attitude, disruptive yet intriguing points of view. In other words, fuel to make our classic car not vintage, but iconic. And gaining speed!

Waiting to meet you all at the upcoming annual event that will take place in Milan next Autumn/Winter, I warmly invite you to subscribe yourself and select physicians, researchers, dentist, professors, scientists and prominent surgeons who on your opinion shall join our community. Please remember to keep in touch with us, write or call me if you have material that can be worth discussing inside the CAI Academy.

Thank you very much and the best to you all.

Dr. Michele Manacorda
President of CAI Academy


International dental artificial intelligence diploma course

July 2024
Venue: Bhopal (India)
Download the pdf programme

Embracing digital implantology

2024 (12 months duration)
Venue: Athens (Greece)
Download the pdf programme

Quarta giornata lucchese di implantologia computerizzata

May 25th, 2024
Venue: Lucca (Italy)
Download the pdf programme

The past, the present and the future… computer aided implantology

Date: June 23th-24th, 2023
Venue: Athens (Greece)
Download the pdf programme


€250 per year

For experts in Computer Aided Implantology ​who wish to become CAI Instructors and Mentors, offer relevant training courses, share their knowledge, experience and vision, as well as  participate actively in all the Academy’s educational activities.

Must be proposed by two 2 Active Members and present considerable relevant work.

€150 per year

For professionals who already apply Computer Aided Implantology in their practice but wish to develop further their skills, be part of digital developments and become experts in the field, reaching an Active Membership status.

Must be invited by 1 Active Member and provide evidence of relevant work.

€50 per year

For the ‘students’ of any age who wish to get acquainted with Computer Aided Implantology, develop relevant skills, and follow a relevant career. This is an entry membership status allowing to reach eventually an Active Membership status.

Must be invited by 1 Active Member.

Submit your application

Please download the pdf application form, fill it in and send it to along with a short bio and recent photo.

Feedback on your application request will be provided as soon as possible.

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