The Academy thanks all the Members listed below. Their scientific and financial support makes CAI Academy's mission possible.



Active members

Dr. Daniel Delrose (United States)
Prof. Aslan Gokbuget (Turkey)
Dr. Stefano Granata (Italy)
Dr. Rick Kimbrel (United States)
Dr. Michele Manacorda (Italy)
Dr. sebastien melloul (France)
Dr. Robert Pauley (United States)
Dr. Cristobal Andres Rubilar Ayala (Chile)
Dr. Laurent Sers (France)
Dr. Philippe Tardieu (United Arab Emirates)
Dr. Jacques Vermeulen (France)



Dr. Michael Grasso (United States)
Dr. JOSEPH MUHAMMAD (United Arab Emirates)


Active Members RSB

Mr. Valter Neri (Italy)


Members RSB


Affiliate Members


Honorary Member

Dr. SCOTT GANZ (United States)