Welcome to the
Computer Aided Implantology Academy




Dubai, February 4, 2017

The CAI Academy is a respectable scientific institution working in the field of digital solutions in dentistry and oral implantology.
Dentistry is following the trend of digital solutions, which invaded our everyday life; We cannot exclude this from our professional life, we need to spend time understanding and integrating these technologies. Resisting adopting them means losing opportunities to treat our patient at the State of the Art.
The CAI Academy is gathering the world leaders in this field and we are surrounded by an amazing number of talented and qualified researchers and practitioners. Every time we meet we discover new techniques, new talents and new advanced clinical cases. This is why practitioners are keeping following the CAI Academy.
I’m surrounded in my task to promote this knowledge by a strong steering committee composed of past presidents and founders: Sandro Fabbro, Alessandro Palmubo, Marco Rinaldi, Furio Ruggieri, Guido Schiroli, Francesco Valente. When they stopped doing their duty, all of them carried on helping for the best the CAI Academy.

The XII Annual Congress of the CAI Academy will be held in Dubai where I am a resident. The XII Annual Congress will be a “Grand Cru” for sure!
I thank you all for your trust and for your support.

Dr. Philippe Tardieu



The Computer Aided Implantology Academy is an international non profit association formed to provide continuous stimulus and education in Computer Aided Oral Implantology.

The aim of our association is to promote people's health by improving life style and through the functional and aesthetic recovery of the maxillo-facial area, teeth and parodontal tissues through implant and reconstructive therapies, in partially or totally toothless patients, performing the procedures with the least invasive impact and using the most recent technologies.

To this end, the association deals with study, scientific research, updating and training in implantology, periodontology and medical and biologic disciplines.