Welcome to the
Computer Aided Implantology Academy




Dear Members and Friends of CAI Academy,

It is my pleasure to welcome you as the new president of CAI Academy!

CAI Academy is the oldest and most respected scientific institution in computer aided implantology and related sciences. Our members are the top experts in the field and bring together continuous innovations, academic research, and daily clinical practice. 

The academy has been very active. During the past presidency of Dr. Philippe Tardieu commissions per territories have been successfully implemented in many countries of the world in order to support members with national trainings, workshops and collaboration.

During my presidency we are implementing a CAI academy fellowship. The fellowship will be an excellent opportunity for young dentists and oral surgeons to learn from accredited CAI academy mentors how computer aided implantology is performed in real clinical practice.

Every years highlight is the International CAI Academy Congress! This year the XIVth International congress will be hosted in the beautiful city of Florence in Italy, November 15-16. We are planning a great event for you with the world leaders keeping you updated with the latest techniques, scientific results and practice guidelines. Meet colleagues and friends and share your knowledge.

A society can only be active with the support of its members! Please make sure to have an active CAI Academy membership status this year to take all your benefits with free participation of the International CAI Academy Congress, reduced fees for all CAI academy trainings, access to a wide international network, and chance for an active career in CAI Academy as a researcher, lecturer and trainer.

Be an active part of CAI Academy!

With Kind Regards,

PD Dr. Gerlig Widmann



The Computer Aided Implantology Academy is an international non profit association formed to provide continuous stimulus and education in Computer Aided Oral Implantology.

The aim of our association is to promote people's health by improving life style and through the functional and aesthetic recovery of the maxillo-facial area, teeth and parodontal tissues through implant and reconstructive therapies, in partially or totally toothless patients, performing the procedures with the least invasive impact and using the most recent technologies.

To this end, the association deals with study, scientific research, updating and training in implantology, periodontology and medical and biologic disciplines.