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Welcome to the
Computer Aided Implantology Academy




Dear Colleagues,

Computer Aided Implantology (CAI) Academy is the oldest and most respected scientific institution in computer aided implantology and related sciences. Our members are the leaders in the field and bring together continuous innovations, academic research, and daily clinical practice.

Digital technology is rapidly growing and currently changing the world of dentistry. CAI Academy keeps you abreast of the latest advances in computer guided implantology, supported by commissions around Europe, the USA, Chile, Middle East, India and Pakistan.
Members of CAI Academy benefit from the following advantages:
•    Free online access to CBCT magazine
•    Free participation of the international CAI Academy congress
•    Reduced fees for all CAI academy trainings (see webpage)
•    Access to a broad network of experts, academic institutions and industrial partners
•    Active career in CAI Academy as a researcher, lecturer and trainer

We will be happy to welcome you as a member of CAI Academy!

PD Dr. Gerlig Widmann



Dear Members and Friends of CAI Academy,

The COVID-19 pandemic spreading from Asia to Europe and all over the world has significantly affected our lives. Italy - the founder country of our international CAI Academy – and many other home countries of our members worldwide have been terribly hit. Many of us had to manage difficult situations with diseased family members and friends, and to cope with the social and economic disruption while seeking help for our patients under the most trying circumstances.

However, these challenging times have also shown that our international society is strong and active. I was delighted to follow the activities on social media, which helped us bridging the regulations for social distancing and restricted travel. Active members, including Dr. Laurent Sers, Dr. Sanjay Asnani, and Dr. Marco Rinaldi supported the academy by excellent live webinars. Others and partners from industry posted webinars, expert panels, scientific literature, and educational material.

Finally, I would like to announce the second issue of our official journal cbct magazine. Enjoy this LATIN AMERICA SPECIAL with fantastic articles from colleagues from Middle and South America.

Wishing all of you whose lives are getting back to normality great verve and success, and those who are still facing shutdown the power to hold out. We will finally defeat COVID-19! Stay well and healthy.

Be an active part of CAI Academy!

With Kind Regards,

PD Dr. Gerlig Widmann


The CAI Academy is proud to announce that CBCT Magazine will be the official journal

of the Computer Aided Implantology Academy

Our first issue, containing the abstracts of our recent annual Congress held in Florence, is online here



The Computer Aided Implantology Academy is an international non profit association formed to provide continuous stimulus and education in Computer Aided Oral Implantology.

The aim of our association is to promote people's health by improving life style and through the functional and aesthetic recovery of the maxillo-facial area, teeth and parodontal tissues through implant and reconstructive therapies, in partially or totally toothless patients, performing the procedures with the least invasive impact and using the most recent technologies.

To this end, the association deals with study, scientific research, updating and training in implantology, periodontology and medical and biologic disciplines.